Online MBA in Financial Services
& Financial Planning

  • Applications Start April 2023
  • Duration 2 Years
  • Mode 100% Online
  • Program Fee INR 2,25,000

This program is designed for Insurance Agents, Brokers (specializing in Equity, Mutual funds, or Real estate), Development officers, Business Owners, Professionals (including CAs, CSs, CMAs), and any other professional aspiring to become Financial Planners or Portfolio/Wealth Advisors or Business Advisors. This comprehensive program is equally beneficial for Homemakers aiming to proficiently manage Family wealth and for the Next Generation seeking lucrative prospects within the Financial sector. By participating, Individuals can elevate their Entrepreneurial acumen.

Program Overview

This program is designed to cultivate expertise in Business Advisory and Financial Advisory by immersing students in subjects that encompass Business Finance, Financial Services, and Financial Planning. This program allows you to choose any two specializations from amongst the specializations of Insurance, Mutual Funds, Equity, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology, and Banking while all domains are taught in detail.

One of the key USPs of this program is its emphasis on extensive range of Knowledge & Expertise exclusively delivered by ONLY Industry Stalwarts so as to create Financial Advisors or Portfolio Advisors or Business Advisors.

Apart from providing deeper understanding on Financial Planning, Estate Planning & Retirement Planning aspects, the program also provides technical understanding of Business Banking and Finance. Hence this Program develops acumen in designing, developing, & managing Portfolios; hedging such portfolios through Derivatives; understanding of Estate planning so as to develop capability in wealth transfers. This Program also develops an understanding on Financial Markets & Economic Policies with Business acumen so as to guide Businesses & MSMEs in strategizing their Business aspects.

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CA (Dr) Aman Chugh

CA (Dr) Aman Chugh

(Program Director for MBA in
Financial Services & Planning)

CA (Dr) Aman Chugh

CA (Dr) Aman Chugh, who has addressed over 1 Million Industry Professionals & Financial Advisors across 78 Countries including India, is a reputed name in the domain of Financial Markets, Portfolio Management & Derivatives.

Having gained 20 Years+ Experience & Expertise across US, Europe, Mid-East & India with Reputed Corporates in varied Profiles such as Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Derivatives & Risk Management, Financial Planning and Portfolio Management, he is presently a Consultant & Trainer to Fortune 500 Corporates; Govt Ministries & Associations; Regulators including RBI & SEBI; Banks & Financial Institutions; Large Consultancy Firms; Industry Associations & Reputed Universities in India and abroad apart from spearheading the CXOs NextGen Center of Excellence at Chitkara University.

Worked for a few reputable companies

CA (Dr) Aman Chugh

(Program Director for MBA in
Financial Services & Planning)


  • Honored with the Titles “Guru of Financial Markets”, “Father of Financial Planning, Portfolio Management & Derivatives”. “Father of Financial Markets, Financial Planning & Risk Management” by various Professional Bodies including by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (NIRC), The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (Chandigarh), & SEBI recognized Association
  • Regular Face on Regional & National Media Channels including ET Now, TimesNow, NDTV.
  • Has over 1.2 Million Searches over Google with a huge fan following on Social Media as well.
  • Has authored the First ever Practical Book on Currency & Interest Rate Derivatives published by Pearson.
  • Is One of the very few Doctorates in Currency & Interest Rate Derivatives during which he has evolved original theories on Risk Management using Derivatives useful for MSMEs & Large Corporates.

Online MBA Program Highlights

While our MBA Program enhances your Entrepreneurial Setup as Financial Advisor & Business Advisors, it also opens opportunities for getting placed across Banking, Financial Services & Financial Planning domains. Homemakers can become Household Financial Planners managing their family unit money through effective Portfolio Management & Financial Planning.

Key Highlights

Master comprehensive financial planning, strategically guide MSMEs, stay ahead in the Fintech revolution and embrace convenient online learning for a future-proof career in the dynamic world of finance.

  • Opportunity to specialise in different aspects of financial services &
    financial planning so as to become capable financial planners/ financial advisors/business
  • Program curriculum exclusively designed & totally delivered by only top CXOs across Industry sectors.
  • 600+ Learning hours & 60+ Master Class Sessions to help you hone your skills for the next era of Financial Services, Financial Planning & Business Advisory Services
  • Engage with a diverse community of participants from around the Country (Over 12000 presently & growing).
  • Participate in discussions, and exchange ideas and perspectives, enhancing your learning experience along with networking possibilities
  • Rare opportunity for professionals to diversify into upcoming fields of finance & also for homemakers to become capable household financial planners managing their family unit money.

Access World-Class Content & Case Studies at No Extra Cost

Advisory Board / Industry Mentors

The online MBA program from Chitkara University gives you the flexibility to earn your world-class UGC entitled MBA which is designed to fit into your business schedule and aligns well with your career aspirations.

Chitkara Online Degree
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Whichever direction you choose to take your career in, we can help you take it to the next level. With our Online MBA program, you can access placement opportunities with our 500+ campus recruiters across 26 industry sectors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply Innovative models to design Portfolios for clients, hedging them with Derivatives and effectively incorporating flagship Financial products to generate apt Return-Risk parameters and be called Portfolio Advisors.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Financial Planning tools alongside Estate Planning intellect for effective Wealth transfers and be called as Financial Planners / Financial Advisors.
  • Possess practical knowledge of Economic Policies, Financial Markets and their impact upon MSMEs, so as to strategize their Business side, and be called as Business Advisors.
  • Homemakers can gain an in-depth understanding of managing Self or Family Unit Wealth so as to not fall into the trap of Mis-sellers and hence can become Household Financial Planners managing their Family Unit Money.
  • Become Capable Entrepreneurs and Professionals to gain the First mover advantage and manage Domestic and NRI Clients (Both Individuals and Organizations)./li>
  • Become Job Capable for the vast opportunities in the Financial Sector where hardly anyone comes with the judicious blend of relevant Qualification and in-depth Knowledge/Expertise.

Career Paths

Carve your own distinctive path in Financial Services and Financial Planning with an MBA. Embrace the vanguard of finance, revolutionize industry practices, and unlock boundless opportunities for growth and success.

  • Financial Planner/Financial Advisor
  • Wealth Manager/Wealth Specialist
  • Investment Analyst/Investment Advisor/Investment Consultant
  • Portfolio Manager/Portfolio Advisor
  • Insurance Advisor/Equity Advisor/Mutual Fund Advisor/Real Estate Advisor
  • Fund Manager
  • Private Banker/Investment Consultant
  • Estate Planner
  • Retirement Planner
  • Tax Consultant/Planner
  • Financial Consultant/Financial Analyst
  • Risk Manager

Online MBA in Financial Services & Financial Planning

Become the driving force behind financial success, navigate the complexities of the modern financial landscape, and position yourself as a sought-after leader in the world of finance.

Fee Details

Our commitment to transparency extends to our fee structure, as we believe in providing our students with the information they require to make informed decisions about their educational path.

Our Online MBA students can now avail a No Cost EMI for tuition fees through our Loan Partners.

  • Year-Wise


    x 2 Years

    Total Fees


  • Exam Fee


    Total Exam Fee 4*1000 (for each semester)

    Total Fees


Our Online MBA students can now avail a No Cost EMI for tuition fees through our Loan Partners.

Fee Details

We are committed to transparency and open communication about our fee structure, so that our students can make informed decisions about their education.

Our Online MBA students can now avail a No Cost EMI for tuition fees through our Loan Partners.

  • Year-Wise


    x 2 Year

    Total Fees


  • University Fee


    One Time Registration- $50/-
    Cumulative Exam Fee - $200/-

    Total Fees


Our Online MBA students can now avail a No Cost EMI for tuition fees through our Loan Partners.


To pursue an MBA in Financial Services & Financial Planning in Online mode, you must have:

  • Completed graduation or equivalent qualification from a recognized university or institution.
  • Worked/Working as Insurance Agents/ Brokers/ Development Officers/CAs, CS, CMAs / other pertinent experience.

A student with foreign education must have :

  • Completed graduation or equivalent qualification from a recognized university or institution.
  • Certificate of equivalence from the Association of Indian Universities required. (Refer to
  • Relevant work experience as stated above for students with Indian education.

Please note that the program’s acceptance after meeting eligibility criteria is contingent upon the successful completion of your screening process, which includes an interview.

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